The Graphic Novel

The Mystery Of The Lost Hive

A children’s graphic novel

by Suzanne Cheryl Gardner

Petrina, a young wood nymph who loves her forest home, explains how her Magick Acorn might help after her forest friends find a lost and confused bee. She encourages them to follow their instincts to find out why the bee has lost its home leading them to discover the dangers lurking just outside the forest.  What happened to the bee? And just what does “home” mean to the forest friends?  There’s even more to the mystery of the lost hive as Petrina tries to show her new bee friend how to create magick!
This story was inspired by the book, “A Spring Without Bees: How Colony Collapse Disorder Has Endangered Our Food Supply” by Michael Schacker. It uses the characters from the comic strip, Petrina’s Forest Friends to provide an entertaining way to educate both children and adults about the potential hazard to the natural balance of our agricultural system from Colony Collapse Disorder. The author, Suzanne Cheryl Gardner is a passionate advocate of organic gardening and farming as the healthiest alternative for humans, animals, and our earth.

The Mystery Of The Lost Hive is now available in Kindle and print format! Click here for information to buy the book.

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