Welcome to Petrina’s Forest Friends!

Petrina, the wood nymph, represents a mythical nature spirit. The forest and she are really one and the same. Yet, she struggles a bit with being in a human form and having to deal with human characteristics. Nature Spirits take care of the forest and all within them, so of course, she feels responsible for her animal friends. Her desire to teach the animals what she learns from Mother Nature sometimes backfires, but mostly it helps her learn more about herself, and about the regenerative process of life. She really just wants to show her friends the magnificence of Nature and how life itself is reflected in a simple flower, or most importantly a tree—her favorite subject! Wood nymphs have many gifts, but they are also here to learn and gain wisdom from nature, as well as to develop their own intuitive skills.

The characters Rose Raccoon, Dreamy Deer, Bartholomew Bobcat, Opal Owl, Topaz Trout, and Grace the Butterfly were created soon after. These are animals that are indigenous to the Northern California area. Initially a comic strip, Petrina’s world was centered on her home in the forest where she watched over her animal friends as a protector and guide. She could communicate with nature directly, and talked to the animals often speaking in puns and comic word choices. But when she tried to use her magick acorn the result would often be a bit disastrous or comical.

Petrinas Forest Friends comprise a cast of characters which can be introduced into various forms of metaphysical cartoon art such as newsletters, books, comic strips, greeting cards, presentations and graphic novels like The Mystery Of The Lost Hive.

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